Le « LuiginoCoin », la monnaie numérique de l’Etat-nation de la Principauté de Seborga, se déploie en Afrique

Le « LuiginoCoin », la monnaie numérique de l’Etat-nation de la Principauté de Seborga, se déploie en Afrique



The nation-state of the Principality of Seborga, which has developed its own sovereign and supranational digital currency, the «LuiginoCoin», announces its will to deploy it on the African continent. The nation-state will propose to the African states to establish a true economy totally innovative, stable, ethical and in respect of environmental values.

(News Release) – After Brazil, the nation-state of the Principality of Seborga proposes to establish a sustainable digital economy, with as a vehicle the «LuiginoCoin», its sovereign and supranational digital currency accessible to all African States. An innovative economic system that could give the continent access to a more stable and ethical economy.

With the expertise of its Brazilian government-accredited public interest institutional partner, the National Institute of Public Policy Excellence (INEPP), the Nation-State of the Principality of Seborga has the ambition to enable African States to strengthen their domestic economy and to continue their development by making available to them a dematerialised currency and in line with the modern means widely used by local populations.

The nation-state offers this solution from its native blockchain with POP (Proof of Participation), payment program, decentralized transfers and the use of its legal-tender digital currency and internal and external uses.

“In this regard, the “2030 Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations remain a major commitment for our sovereign, His Serene Highness Nicolas Mutte. With this will, our Minister of Economy and Finance will propose a support of the banking and financial sector of the States with the experience of Open Bank and Fintechs and CryptoTechs national and foreign platforms to bring the stability of the local economy and of public finances in each country », says Jean-Christophe Uhrich, Government Adviser and Spokesman of the Nation-State of the Principality of Seborga.

A single currency through its digital and eco-friendly design

By the «LuiginoCoin», the nation-state of the Principality of Seborga proposes a monetary policy with supranational specificities allowing exchanges with any other fiduciary currency having legal tender on the world markets, in addition to self-regulated coexistence with other cryptocurrencies or digital assets in circulation for all operations worldwide.

The «LuiginoCoin», contains for its exploitation an algorithm using a mining production with a very low carbon footprint, unique in the world. Indeed, its particularity is based on an eco-contribution, allowing a totally natural capture of a global network of simple specialized or dedicated computer processors, equipping all the global computers of all generations, from the oldest to the newest.

Unlike all conventional cryptocurrencies that rely on powerful servers with complex administration, the «LuiginoCoin» complies with the new environmental policy and consumes less than one tenth of the energy spent by a computer in a traditional cryptocurrency. The LuiginoCoin can also “run” on any operating system, even the general public, using a simple computer processor, at a rate of about thirty seconds every four minutes, for barely more energy consumption than whenthis is put on standby.

The nation-state of the Principality of Seborga wants to play its full part to be a key player in the construction of a new model of the world economy. With as major partners the States of an African continent which, from now on, wish and must play a leading role in this «New Deal» which will be, in the short term, unavoidable in world trade.

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